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PBC Expansion

Since starting PBC in 2014 I always committed to a high level of coaching, communication, and attention to detail for all of my athletes. I never wanted to be a high volume coach with high yearly turnover, or sell cookie cutter training plans for local staple events. I wanted to know each athlete beyond the sport. I wanted to develop them beyond what they maybe considered possible through a long term relationship and approach to training. This approach has always limited the amount of athletes I can take on each year, and that is fine. With a high retention, this also meant my open spots each year were also limited, again totally fine. We have had so many successes amongst our team that I could not and would not adjust my business model to accommodate higher numbers, and potentially sacrifice what I can deliver to each individual. As the years went on I knew that the most likely path for expansion of PBC was to add another like-minded coach who is passionate about helping develop athletes and understood the philosophy behind my approach.

I’m excited to announce that PBC will be expanding on the coaching side of things with the addition of Chicago Area based Coach, Jamie Rauch! Jamie brings a depth of knowledge to the table, specifically in the swimming area where he is a Silver Medalist in the 2000 Olympic Games, 18 time NCAA All-American, and a Team USA representative at other World stage swim events. Swimming isn’t the only thing Jamie knows. He’s also an Ironman Kona and 70.3 World Championship qualifier, Boston Marathon Qualifier, and Ultra-Marathon competitor.

More important than Jamie’s impressive athletic resume is his willingness to learn, communicate, and passion to teach. Since I started working with Jamie as an athlete he has always shown interest in understanding the process. His interest in coaching comes from a place of genuine excitement about helping athletes achieve and exceed their goals. To me, he has all the qualities necessary to cultivate successful relationships with any athlete he works with. With that approach and his “student of the sport” mentality, I knew adding Jamie to the coaching roster would be a winning move.

Coach Jamie’s role with PBC will start small, focusing on a few Chicago Area athletes, while he learns the process and begins to develop his coaching flow through mentorship with me. As we grow and become more efficient with that process, Jamie will expand to take on more athletes, both local to Chicago Area and remote.

I’m very excited for this chapter of PBC and could not be happier with the direction we are heading.

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