• Ideal for Remote Athletes
  • Free Basic TrainingPeaks Account
  • Bi-Weekly Custom Training Plan
  • Zone Based Data Analysis
  • Weekly Communication
  • Options to upgrade to Power Based training and analysis
  • Options to add Group Training Access


  • Premium TrainingPeaks Account
  • Weekly Personalized Coaching Plan
  • Data Analysis and PMC Management
  • Unlimited Communication
  • Access to all Group Sessions
  • Gear and Technical Analysis
  • Nutritional Advice


Take your training to the next level with this Blood Lactate based coaching package.

  • Initial Blood Lactate Baseline Testing (bike and run)
  • Weekly Zoom call to discuss upcoming training and targets
  • Specific training targets for each session based on lactate levels
  • Follow up Blood Lactate testing and adjustment of zones
  • Instructions on how to obtain accurate samples
*Benefits of Lactate Training
  • Intensity Control
  • Intensity Distribution
  • Increase Aerobic conditioning
  • Identify fitness profile and how to improve for specific events
  • Training protocol accuracy


CONSULTATION | $150/hour

Questions about if your plan is what you should be doing? A consultation is a comprehensive and customizable review of your training plan and goals. Following the consultation, customers will receive a report including a recap of key discussion topics, data analysis, and training improvement recommendations. Consultations can be completed via Zoom, Facetime, or phone.

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